Tuesday 31 March 2015

Coming soon - April

Like most makers I do sometimes struggle to not get distracted by something new and exciting to work on.  To try and keep myself focused I am going to publish a list of my current projects each month.  You can think of this as my to do list for projects in April, like all to do list I will get about half the things on the list done if I am lucky.  I will also most likely end up doing plenty of other things I had not even thought of yet. Hopefully having a list will keep me on track!  The first few of things are in order of priority after that they are just in the order I thought of them.

  1. Put a roof on the workshop, the sooner I have a proper workshop again the better!
  2. Build my Printrbot, 3D Printer kit.
  3. Build my OneTesla Tesla Coil kit.
  4. Complete my lab frequency standard project.
  5. Finish designing and build my battery tab welder.
  6. Start work designing my lab programmable DC load
Of course this list does not include everything going on at fizzPOP or my work projects. Lets see if publicly making a list helps me stay focused or not.

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